Progress Update - February 2016

The Vanuatu Inter-Island Shipping Support Project (VISSP) comes directly under the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities. It is funded jointly by the Asian Development Bank, the New Zealand Government and the Vanuatu Government and will deliver at least three new domestic wharves and repair other wharves. The project also has a component of subsidizing remote routes that get little shipping services. Currently works have commenced in the construction of the South Paray domestic wharf in Port Vila. Works on the reclamation area has progressed well so far while initial survey and set out of the wharf quay line has now been undertaken with new security fencing and gate completed for the east access point. In addition, the relocation of coral reefs have been successfully carried out with supervision from the Department of Fisheries. More of these updates are available through this month's VISSP monthly newsletter.

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