National Resettlement Specialist

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Archived: Communication and Public Relations Officer

PORT VILA URBAN DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Communication and Public Relations Officer)

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Terms of Reference  

A. Introduction

1. Port Vila, with approximately 44,000 residents, is the largest population center, main commercial center, and seat of government in Vanuatu. It has already expanded beyond its originally defined urban boundaries due to rapid economic development, rural-urban migration, and proliferating informal settlements. The estimated population of the resulting “Greater Port Vila” area in 2009 was 58,000 residents. By 2025, this figure may reach 109,000. This does not take into account the growing number of tourists that visit Port Vila and/or transit through the city to different tourism destinations in the country. It is estimated that at a given time about 3,000-4,000 tourists are in the city and beyond. The tourism sector is the lifeline of the national economy. Hence, urban development and the quality of urban services in Port Vila have significant implications for the tourism-led economic growth and overall development of Vanuatu. Despite noticeable improvement in telecommunication and water supply, significant inadequacies continue to exist, particularly in drainage, roads, sanitation, and hygiene services. The poor conditions of these services are adversely affecting public health, economic activities, and the overall quality of life of Port Vila residents and visitors.

Archived: Monitoring and Evaluation Officer (M&E)



The Vanuatu Project Management Unit (VPMU), established under the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), is a dedicated unit for managing large and nationally significant projects with allocation of budget and core staff. Currently, VPMU is managing projects with a combined estimated cost of more than US$120 million including the Port Vila Urban Development Project (PVUDP), the Vanuatu Inter-island Shipping Support Project (VISSP), and the Port Vila Lapetasi International Multi-purpose Wharf Development Project (PVLIMWDP). VPMU is also likely to manage the implementation of the proposed Vanuatu Tourism Infrastructure Project (VTIP). The VPMU Steering Committee provides guidance and direction for projects managed by VPMU. The Director of VPMU is responsible for day to day management of the projects supported by VPMU staff, project consultants and the implementing agencies.

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