NZ funding boost for South Paray domestic wharf

Funding agreements for this money was signed off Tuesday 25th of April between the Government of Vanuatu – represented by the Director-General of Finance and Economic Management, August Letlet, and the New Zealand High Commissioner, Nicola Simmonds, in the presence of VPMU, contractors – Fletchers as well as Beca International. DG Letlet thanked the New Zealand Government for sticking with the Vanuatu Government on the project, despite the many challenges encountered over the past few years. Construction has had to be suspended in 2017 over designs issues. The Finance DG requested that Her Excellency Simmonds convey the Government’s deep appreciation to Wellington for demonstrating a firm commitment and strong spirit of partnership and cooperation towards the completion of the wharf. South Paray is being constructed by New Zealand contractor, Fletcher Organisation Vanuatu Ltd. Demolition works have reached about 80% completion while the first permanent piles are about to be constructed. Fletcher’s Regional Manager Mark Plant provided a brief progress update after the signing- noting that the recent passing of the twin cyclones in February did result in some setbacks – such that works have not progressed as planned. Nevertheless, he was optimistic South Paray would be completed come January 2025. Negotiations for the funding kick-started in 2022. VPMU are especially grateful that NZ has come forward with the funding which will go a long way to completing the project. The project is co-financed with the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

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